Monday, 29 February 2016

How To Sleep Better On Long Haul Flights

For many passengers, closing your eyes and dozing off until you touch down at your exciting, long haul destination is the ‘impossible dream’. There are many different reasons as to why some people find it challenging to sleep on a flight, but not all of them as obvious as you may think.

There are steps you can take to change your run of a sleepless flights before your holiday with the main aim being to get as close as you can to re-creating the same environment that your experience when you sleep at home. 

Below are our Top 5 'Sleep Stoppers' and how you can defeat them.


Engine noise, flight announcements and chatty passengers are some of the most difficult sleep repellents. At home, unless you live by an airport or football stadium you won’t have to listen to roaring jet engines or crowds of people outside your window as you try to drift off, so block out as much noise as you can when you fly.

Tip: Bring and wear earplugs (either silicone or foam with a decibel reduction rating of 30 or more). They won't block out all the noise but enough to make a difference.


This is one of main sleep loss factors, especially when facing a morning or afternoon start on a long haul flight. Window shades being left up, glaring video screens and reading lights are huge distractions throughout a flight that unfortunately you do not have a lot of control over.
Tip: Wear eye shades/mask, when flying at night, as you look around there are surprisingly few people that wear them…no wonder no one is sleeping! You are often given them on a flight kit on international flights, even in economy class but they are not the best quality so we would advise buying your own to guarantee light blocking.


There is nothing worse than having miraculously fallen asleep, only to be woken up thinking you are in the middle of what feels like an earthquake.

Tip: Choose a seat over the wing as these are most stable than the front and the rear of the plane (imagine a seesaw effect, sat in the middle you will move up and down less). Also flying on a larger plane such as an Airbus A380 will move less than a smaller model.


Enjoying during your flight (especially if it’s free!) can seem to help you relax and fee drowsy…at first. But then you will find there are repercussions mid-flight as you find yourself dehydrated and restless as alcohol also limits the depth of your sleep.  

Tip: Simply limit yourself to one glass, because who can’t resist a free drink to celebrate the start your holiday?

Restrictive clothing

We would all like to walk off a plane looking fresh off the fashion runway and ready to receive sunshine but this is not always practical attire to sleep in. What do you sleep in at home? Wearing loose clothing in the air will help you sleep better and that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style.

Tip: You can still look presentable while dressing comfortably. Choose loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibres and if you can’t part with your new sandals or flip flops, bring a pair of warm socks on board as cold feet will keep you awake too. Alternatively you can bring sleep/casual wear to change into when you want to catch some winks and out of before you land.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Our Foodie Guide to Barbados

A recent survey found that food tourism is a rising trend with trendy restaurants and cultural food being seen as the new ‘museum’ of travel. There are many fabulous things to see and do in Barbados but the island is also fast becoming a foodie hotspot.

Image courtesy of Vengamm
The food in Barbados is as vibrant as the locals and it’s not just bajan food on offer! You will be spoilt for choice with every style of cuisine and dishes full of flavour. To help you find the best food spots on the island we have created a restaurant guide to Barbados; from the in-the-know local favourites to high-end, seafront restaurants.  


The Fish Pot, West coast

A delightful old fort, sitting on the waters edge, that serves up fresh fish caught that day from the neighbouring fishing community of Six Men’s Bay. Dine in a beautiful, elegantly relaxed open air covered terrace with uninterrupted sea views whilst enjoying cleverly brought together natural flavours. The delectable menu includes modern takes on both Caribbean and internationally inspired cuisine, and fresh seafood dishes.

Juma’s - Speightstown

 This hideaway offers some of the most breath-taking views of the turquoise ocean with classic French, Bajan and Thai cuisine with an inviting three-course menu that could include flying fish pate followed by Thai green curry and rum and raisin cheesecake.

Sea Cat – Holetown

A laid back, casual dining experience in a charming chattell house at affordable prices. The core menu consists of Cod done English style in a beer batter (very popular especially to the many expats) Flying fish, Blacked Mahi Mahi (Their best seller) and Sea Cat (pickled octopus..Bajan style) but there are also some rare fish you won’t find anywhere else on the island including Amber jack, Tabio, Black Jack, Congalee (triple tail), Grouper, African Pompano…If in doubt order the platter!

Waterfront Café

An apparent favourite with local star Rihanna, this quayside café serves a range of local delicious dishes from flying fish sandwiches to succulent shrimp along with some great live music. Very popular with the locals and visitors due to its friendly and relaxed atmosphere with quality dining.

Lobster Alive

It’s easy to work out what Lobster Alive offers at the top end of Carlisle Bay. The spiny crustaceans in the tank are flown in live from the Grenadines by the restaurant’s owner on his private plane. A medium lobster, enough for two, will set you back about £45.


Cin Cin

A refreshingly contemporary, elegant new restaurant that offers 'alfresco dining' with sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea. The stunning bar-lounge, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, is ideal for sipping cocktails or enjoying a light bite in air-conditioned comfort. Executive chef Larry Rogers and young upcoming chef Jeremy Decle create an eclectic range of Mediterranean-style dishes with a Caribbean flair, guaranteed to tantalise the most discerning palate. 


One of Barbados' most acclaimed restaurants, at Daphne's you will enjoy modern Italian classics infused with island seafood and flavours such as fresh fish and lobster, all in an elegant waterfront surrounding with authentic Bajan hospitality. Claiming to be the ‘only true waterfront’ dining experience, enjoy the views of the waves whilst enjoying a fresh approach to Italian flavours.

The Cliff

Arguable the most prestigious restaurant on the island and a world famous name, Chef Paul Owens's mastery creates one of the finest dining experiences in the Caribbean, with prices to match. Steep steps hug the cliff on which the restaurant sits to accommodate those arriving by yacht, and every candlelit table has a sea view but make sure you arrive in time to watch the sunset on the terrace with a cocktail! Starters may include spicy Thai-style beef salad, sashimi, or char-grilled white asparagus. For the main course, try swordfish with curry sauce and jasmine rice, seared tuna with saffron caper sauce and tomato coulis, or a prime strip steak with peppercorn sauce.


 The romantic and elegant, open air restaurant is nestled into a quiet lane on a cliff with panoramic views over the ocean.This is one of Barbados leading restaurants on the south coast. In addition to the restaurant, visitors can relax in the comfy lounge and browse around the art gallery. With vibrant design, attentive service, and an internationally inspired menu, guests are in for a royal treat. As one of the leading restaurants on the South Coast, Champers is known for its consistently great food

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